Importance of Digital Marketing

8 Importance of digital marketing

Yes, a new trend in marketing has come to our society from the last few years that’s digital marketing. We all familiar with the term marketing along with we all are familiar with traditional promotional techniques some of them are newspapers, magazines, poster, sample supply, Television etc. yes now television also comes under traditional methods. Here we will talk about 8 importance of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing provides us with the platform of the internet like different search engines ( Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. ), Social Media Platforms ( Fb, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.)

Let’s Talk about 8 importance of Digital Marketing

  1. Helps to Reach out and engage with your targeted potential audience                       

This facility you only get in this medium. It offers a real-time engagement with your audience which will help you to attain trustworthiness of your audience. Along with this, it is easier to attain an insight into what your targeted audience wants.

In 2018, the average number of people are using at least 7 Social media platforms which are drastically increasing year by year.

Around 76% of Indian People below the age of 65 are using Social Media Platforms which continuously increasing day by day.

As per the report, around 22% of people are using Facebook among that 60% are Indians.

65% of people are on Facebook and 35% of people are on Instagram every day which were showing a clear cut path for business individuals.

 2. Much cost efficient than Traditional Marketing Methods

As compared to traditional marketing Methods Digital Marketing is much Cost efficient, which is very helpful for small business owners who had a very less amount for promotion. Also, it helps the business owners at the time of recession.

In search Engine Marketing it provides as Pay Per Click (PPC) option too in that you only needs to pay for the clicks.

In Digital Marketing, it gives an opportunity to scale their own budget according to business behavior.

       3. It provides an equal opportunity to compete with large scale businesses

In other techniques, it is very difficult to compete with large businesses because they are capable of the large amount but in this case, in your particular targeted area, you will be the king.

It offers you a budget-friendly platform to concentrate at a reachable area. It will make a personal relationship with your targeted audience which will help you to enlarge your business.

From 2018 Internet should be the prime place to engage only then you are able to achieve a good reputation.

    4. Brand reputation and trust

It must be the prime motive of every business, only a reputed and trustworthy business can exist in the society otherwise they will be drained out in the flow.

And in the current scenario, the reputation comes from the internet, isn’t it? Before going to any place we first try to search it on the internet.

We check their FB page, their Instagram accounts, their websites etc. isn’t it.

Recently there comes a new thing the reviews, before buying anything or visiting anywhere we all check for online review these trend is bought by the shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart they brought these habit into us.

So it is very necessary to maintain a good online reputation and digital marketing will help you to build that.

     5. It entices people to take favorable actions

While through the internet the business earns the trust from the targeted audience is from the social signals and testimonial.

To entice the people to take a favorable action the digital marketers will implement some of the effective strategies which will intense them to take some action.

Even though Sale and conversion of leads are still initiated and controlled by the website visitors.

No one can able compel them to take some action but a digital marketer can make use of clever and innovative ways to entice action by using some call to actions.

Calls- To- Action specifies what your web visitors should do next- either to sign up using a sign-up button or forms, call or buy something, like, download- specific steps will entice them to take favorable action.

       6. Ensures online Business Survival

Yes through digital marketing you are able to run your business through the internet, you don’t require any physical space. Here your website will act as your store and search engine and social media will act as your field of marketing. So don’t worry about without having a physical space.

        7. Facilitate much interaction with the targeted audience

The main difference between traditional and digital marketing is the interaction. Digital marketing will offer us the facility to interact with the targeted audience through which we are able to create a close relationship with them and can move according to their needs.

        8. Go beyond the boundaries

Yes, You read it right beyond the boundaries. You get this opportunity only by digital marketing no other medium can offer this as simple as this. Your website, your social links can easily able to cross the boundaries. You are freely able to promote your businesses to other countries. It can easily be achieved by spending in SEO and SEM.