Hotel Booking Software Solution

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Complete Digital Solution

We are providing a complete solution regarding Booking Engine, Payment Gateway Integration, Channel Manager, Cloud PMS, Mobile Application, e- Promotion or Revenue Management for the property by collaborating with a trusted company EGlobal Solution situated in New Delhi having 1000s of customers of different region.


Channel Manager

A) Occupancy Based Pricing

We are providing you an Occupancy Based Pricing which will help you to automate the process up to 60 days in advance. As we all know by the emerging competition and in fast changing internet world. Predicting the hotel rates are very difficult it will bad into loss of revenue. We had no control on situation it can change accordingly due to climate, govt policy, cancelation of flights, bulk booking or like any other reason.

Occupancy based pricing will calculate the best possible rates and purchase across all OTA’s for the particular day.

So be safe from losing revenue, increase your ARR and occupancy by switching to OBP.

B) Rate Parity alert

We all know that there are so many channels are there in the internet. So maintaining consistency of rates in every channel is very important and will help to maintain high ranking across all OTAs. So our channel manager will ensure you to get prompt alert and warming e mails, in case any disturbance found across the OTA’s.

C) Complete Real Time Integration

Our channel manager uses the state of art technology, sending multiple requests to OTA’s and updating the screams without refreshing the pages. You can experience a complete 2 way integration with easy to face interface.

D) Manage Inventory

Managing inventory is the primary task of hotel staffs which have to do in every day basis.We provide a perfect tool to complete your task fast and effectively.

a) Calendar view
It will help you to update all inventory and mark all sold out dates for different days of the month.

b) Bulk inventory view
This will help you to update inventory for a long go of days with options like sold out days, closed arrivals, closed for departure etc…

E) Common Inventory polling

Holding more than one separate markets using a common inventory stock is extensively gone through operations management. But here with our channel manager and inventory system help you to easy sell even the last room without any fear of overselling. You only have to maintain the master channel.

F) Manage rate

a)Calendar view
This will help you to update the rates for different dates of a month. Also cn easily forward or backward the rates of any given date.

b) Bulk rate view
This will help you to update rate for a long run, with option like extra adult rates, extra child rate etc…

G) Task Manager

It’s like a log manager, which displays and records inventory poling and rate updates happening in channel manager keeps you update and will minimise the chance of mistakes.

H) Easily manageable from different devices

You will get a responsive admin panel which can be accessible from any device.

I) Reports

You are able to take a complete detailed report with backups through wich you can compare it against historical data, it will help you to improve your performance.

J) Manage in one go

We are providing you the facility of a mobile app which will provide you the freedom to update and view information about your property at the time of traveling.


  • Manage inventory                          
  • Manage rates
  • View and update booking           
  • Instant sold out etc..

This company is founded in October of 2018 by Google certified Digital Marketer Akshay. At the age of 21, he started to build a base to his agency and named it as A’s Mark Enterprise which means Akshay’s Market Enterprise.