How Food and Grocery/ (Hotels and supermarkets) businesses should approach Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not a new concept, we always into digital marketing thinking how?

We are using google, maps, facebook, WhatsApp, from a long time isn’t it, so we all are in digital marketing, but with the arrival of new trends and technologies, it is evolving constantly.

You and I we all know its importance, but without accepting the latest trends and tactics of the digital marketing mix, a business cant able to achieve its maximum benefits.

In this article, I will give you some tips on how Food and Grocery (Hotels and supermarkets) businesses should approach Digital Marketing. Your prime target is to remain constantly active on different online channels.

So, it makes a perfect sense for food and grocery business by reaching out & connecting with customers on various digital marketing channels.

Some of the top businesses using digital marketing trends are in hotels swiggy, Zomatto and in supermarket amazon grocery etc. so why don’t you use this in your area which should be more convenient to the customers.

In this post, I can explain how you can leverage the potential of digital marketing in your Hotels and supermarket business. Let’s get going. …

Start with the basic. Your first Strategy should be Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Before making any strategy, you should ensure that you had a perfect website as per your business and should have a solid online presence and got everything needed to acquire high ranking on search engines and to attract more traffic.

Here the place where the doors of search engine marketing will open as a mix of SEO & PPC ads. In that regard here is what you need to ensure:

Primarily make sure your website has key SEO Elements in place such as user-friendly URL Structure, 301 redirections, manageable meta tag and description, image alt tag, to be able to attain a better ranking in search engines.

Optimize your website content by including relevant keywords suitable to your (hotels and supermarkets) food and grocery business like “order food online”, best supermarket in <location>, home delivery etc.. This will ease the availability of your business to the customers.

Which also helps to attain better ranking in search engines.

Start creating new contents as the blog which will attract your customers. Write about your specialty, offers, origin, recipes, new cuisines etc.. which will help you to target more relevant keywords to attain traffic.

For PPC, use google some tools like Google AdWords, Ubersuggest etc to choose the right keyword. Which will help you to reach out your potential customers?

Go creative on social media for attracting more customers to your hotels and supermarkets

It’s not necessary to explain the importance of social media in the current scenario, isn’t it! We all know how easy it captures a person’s attention, so it that it is very essential to build a relation to the audience through these platforms.

But as similar everyone thinks how to make a connection through this how to engage with the customers.

Then the answer will be to become different.

A social media marketer knows it better: about the campaigns, how to run them, the frequency of updates and other technical things. he had perfect guidance about it.

So here are some tips from me to level up your social media marketing;

When running an offer, let the food do the talking with the customers.                                                                                                                                                           Here is how Mcdonald’s does it: “Hi, I am the crispy burger you love to eat on Sundays, how about my calorie conscious cousin, roasted chicken salad?”

Whether you are vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or eat-anything-on-the-table-tarian, pictures of food always lead to drools.                                                                   But how creatively you display them is what matters. Here is another example from McDonald’s

Other than being creative, also focus on your customers’ need. Reply to their comments and queries timely. Pay attention to their feedback. Run offers & loyalty programs exclusively on social media to solidify your presence there.

Video content marketing can drive for a long run

An organic promotion has come to an end video marketing is the future for an effective brand promotion you have to create explainer and marketing videos and you have to make sure it stays where it is supposed to- in your customer’s mind.

It seems fun and easy, but the art of creating storytelling for brand marketing is quite tough in practice.

Avail the power of Influencer Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is the best way of promotion nothing works more than that.

Thanks to the internet, currently we have the biggest platform for influencer marketing.

As I said earlier, people love to read about recipes and nutritional value of the food they eat.

So, as a food industry startup, you had a great opportunity for influencer marketing.

Here are some best ways to leverage them:

  • There are so many food bloggers are there on the internet to tie up with them and try to make a beneficial business partnership. Create some useful content which may provide them value.
  • Always remember about the audience always try to engage them in your platforms. Don’t miss out the capitalizing their reviews, feedbacks, and testimonials.

Never underestimate the power of Email and SMS

Good marketing practices are all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Not all users will visit your website frequently or have your app installed.

To reach out to them and inform about your offerings and details about their orders in a timely manner, email & SMS are still the most reliable means of communication.

Here are some tips on effectively implementing Email & SMS in your digital marketing mix:

90% of the text messages are read within 3 minutes. So, for limited period offers, broadcasting the message through SMS is a great way to reach your customers in a timely fashion.

Emails are ideal when it comes to a long term offer, or when you need to inform customers about a future offer in advance.

Make sure that email marketing software you choose comes with the customizable template (such as Mail-Chimp),

  • since look & feel of your email directly impact its click-through rate.
  • Other than these, text messages & emails can also be used to send out important notifications to customers such as for order confirmation, delivery, etc. Offering such service works greatly toward customer retention.


Its very important move according to the trend. We were living in a competitive world so it’s necessary to adopt new techniques to reach out our potential audience in a cost-efficient manner.

So our generation is into new technologies so digital marketing is the best place to reach out to them.

Keep them engaged in your business, if you had a restaurant or grocery store keep them aware of your products about your recipes.

Try to provide the content which will be useful to them .they use multiple devices, live in urban areas, have a busy schedule, prefer convenience over price, want quality food without prior planning & traveling and that too at their doorstep and in the timely fashion, and so on.

Once you have outlined these factors to define the buyer persona, you will also get a clear picture of how to implement above mentioned digital marketing practices in the most effective manner.